About this Website

This website is my personal automotive design sketchbook, and I am not writing it with any reader in mind but myself. I built it as an easy way to track my sketching and rendering progress, which I feel is very important to do in order to develop my technique. I draw cars whenever I can, so you’ll see a lot of my sketches and renderings. I may go on a binge and update it daily, or I may not make any updates for over a year. It’s really going to be that random.

You’ve probably already made the fair assessment that I am not a skilled writer. I have no training as a journalist, and I am not making any claims to offer top- quality written content on this site. As I said – this is a personal project of mine that I am displaying publicly on the internet, and nasty comments directed at my poor composition and narrative skills will be sent directly to the trash. But if you see something of interest, I encourage you to leave a comment or two – I really appreciate the feedback.