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I started drawing cars at the age of 10, and it’s fun to reminisce and look back on them. I’ve come a long way!

My first car drawing – from way back in 1985

Well, I can’t say with exact accuracy that this particular sketch was my first ever car drawing – but it was definitely one of the first. As a matter of fact, it’s the oldest car drawing I still have so there couldn’t have been many more that came before this. Anyway, let me begin by saying this: as a 10 year old boy in 1985, I was completely obsessed with General Motors and the Pontiac brand. Hey – I grew up in southeastern Michigan, and that’s GM country. Most of my friend’s father’s worked at GM, my grandfather was a retired GM employee, and there were GM assembly factories all around our home. So please forgive the oozing lust for Pontiac and any other car sketch from my early days that I might post here on this blog.

This drawing is of a “Pontiac Laser XMC”. Yeah, I know. Chrysler owned the “Laser” brand name back in those days, but that apparently didn’t stop me from using the name to apply it to my favorite automotive brand. Additionally, this car reeks the 80’s with iconic elements such as: rear window louvers, pinstripes, Goodyear Eagle GT’s, and most importantly: T-Tops! I was also kind of obsessed with that style of wheel that Pontiac was putting on nearly every car in it’s lineup back in the mid 1980’s. I too pretty much plastered them on nearly every car I drew back then. I was an impressionable young child.

I should also point out that even in my early days, I had a tendency to draw wheels much too large. I’m still fighting with that today – but at least I know it’s not a new problem. It’s hardwired deep in my brain, and I’m still trying to work myself out of it.

Anyway, this is just the first car drawing my early years that I’ll be posting here. I’ll post up other examples from time to time whenever I get the chance. I think they’re kind of fun to look at…