Finally starting to develop my sketching and rendering technique

To say that this week has been a huge confidence booster for me is an understatement. I finally realized that I still have the talent to draw cars – but only if I slow down and have patience! I think the years of web and mobile UI design have ruined me in terms of taking things slow and spending time to polish my designs to their highest potential. Web design is an insanely fast-paced business, and it seems every client has an emergency that needs to be dealt with “right now”. Yeah – I guess I have become accustomed to working so fast that it eroded my patience down to nothing.

However, I am glad to report that drawing cars again has forced me to spend the time to slow down and develop my sketches and renderings at a relaxed pace. The results speak for themselves!

Anyway, the image above is my latest car rendering and sketch. I guess that you can call it a sports coupe, in the same class as a BMW 3 series or Infinity G37. But the hard angles give off a strong “Pontiac” feeling though – which I didn’t really intend to do. Oh well. The bottom image shows the hand drawn pencil sketch before I added the color, and the top image is the finished rendering. One thing I like about drawing cars is that anything goes – they don’t have to be rendered with complete precision, and a little bit of looseness and stray (spontaneous) pencil strokes give a ton a character to a drawing. As a matter of fact, I think this rendering is actually a bit too tight – I’d like to loosen up a bit on my next one.

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