My drawing of a 2017 Ford GT

Having this website to hold me accountable for not drawing enough is a good thing. Even though I have been busy working on other projects and I haven’t been drawing as much as I’d like, just knowing that I’ve got a car design and illustration blog gives me the push to keep going. The passion for drawing cars is definitely there – but my time isn’t.

There I go making excuses again every time I show up here. “Shut up and talk about the cars already!” is what I envision most of you are thinking every time make a post, so I’ll take your advice and get right to it.

The 2017 Ford GT. This is a car that I’m trying really hard to like, but I just can’t. At least not yet. I may change my mind a bit once I see it for myself (or at least on YouTube), but for now all I see is a sleek looking car with a V6. That’s like something straight out of the 1990’s, and not modern times where it’s possible to buy V8 monsters like 600hp Mustangs and 750hp Dodge Challengers right off the showroom floor.

I get why Ford decided to go with a twin-turbo V6. That EcoBoost engine is a lightweight performer that could hang with any V8, no doubt, but…it just doesn’t make the sounds that a supercar should make. Especially one costing over $400,000.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the 2017 Ford GT, I decided to draw one anyway. It is a great looking car, no doubt about it. I especially dig the fact that it’s got a different personality from every angle, with all those cuts and scoops and wings coming together in unison to create a very stunning piece of automotive design.

This was a quick 1 hour sketch in black and white, very similar to the style I used on my Datsun 280z, IROC-Z, and Chevy Nova sketches posted a few months ago. It’s a style of illustration that I’m quite starting to like, as it’s fast and loose, yet tight enough to show all the important details.


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    Félix Minville February 21, 2020


    Your drawing is AWESOME !!!

    Is it possible that I can use this image for the header of my blog under construction?

    I am starting an educational project which is to model, 3D print and build a Ford GT 2017 and I want to make a blog to inform the young enthusiasts of the progress of the project as well as on the technologies used.

    Thank you and good day

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      Scott August 14, 2020

      Hi Felix – sorry for the late reply. Anyway, yes, feel free to use it as long as you link back to this page. Thanks!

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    Nate May 6, 2020

    Scott, based on your sketches I would have believed that you are a professional automotive designer. But yo my surprise, you are doing this just for car passion.

    I’m in a similar position where I have this passion to draw cars, but I just don’t know the tips and tricks to car perspective and portion. I’ve always been known as the kid who could draw in secondary school.

    I am revisiting my love for performance vehicles and utilizing my art skills to also stratch an itch. Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic, I wouldn’t be financially responsible to go and get a 4 door V8 Charger Scat Pack/392.

    I don’t know if you are still around, but thank you for sharing your sketches.

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      Scott August 14, 2020

      Thanks so much Nate! Yeah, I still pop in from time to time. I guess the passion for drawing cars never goes away haha! Good luck on your journey to become a better artist!

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