Ford Mustang concept sketch and rendering

I admit it – I’m a huge Mustang fan. Funny thing is that I never really cared about Ford or the Mustang until about 10 years ago and I’m not really sure what has brought me around to be a fan of this Pony car. If I were throwing out guesses, it might be the fact that the Mustang offers a lot of bang for the buck here in the US – lots of power and speed can be had for not so much money (at least compared to other cars). Now that I’m a family man on a tight budget, that’s really attractive to me. As a matter of fact, I’m shopping for a Mustang project car right now. Very exciting times for this car guy! LOL.

So now that I’m in the market for a Mustang, I thought it would only be fitting to draw one. I approached this sketch from a modern point of view, thinking about how I’d like to see the current generation evolve. I probably got too crazy with some of the forms and surfaces, but it’s just a concept anyhow – I wasn’t trying to create a photo-realistic rendering.

One of the things that I like about the current generation Mustang is the front grill. I tried to maintain the overall size, but I massively exaggerated the angle and relocated the headlights above . The driving lights have been repositioned as well, as I thought a better and more functional place for them would be in the lower bumper area.

Rendering wise, I’m becoming very comfortable with my line art and working on thick and thin pen strokes. Rendering (adding color, reflections, etc) is obviously my weakest point. Still working on that.

Now excuse me while I go browse the Craigslist Mustang classifieds…

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