Hand drawn rendering of a black two door sports coupe

Okay – now I feel like I’m getting somewhere! I’m really happy with the way that this rendering turned out, and to say that it has boosted my confidence is an understatement. Basically, I learned something very important with this drawing: patience is critical when doing something artistic like this. I haven’t been very happy with my automotive sketches as of late, but I decided to spend a little extra time with this one and I think it really paid off. This one took about 5 hours total from the initial sketch to the final rendering. Yeah, that’s a little bit too long, but I’m sure I’ll get faster as I gain more experience.

And just like my last sketches I posted, I can’t claim that this is an original design. Yeah, I found a cool looking rendering of a Mercedes Benz on the internet, and re-drew it to my own taste. As you can see, I really like exaggerated forms.

I also (re)discovered the benefits of using warm and cool light in high-gloss car renderings such as this. I think the gradual warm to light gradation really helps to emphasize the surfaces as they flow across the profile. Perhaps it would have been more powerful if I added more details into the rendering (I think the headlights could use a lot of work).

Anyway. Success! BTW, this was created in Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop on an old-school Wacom Graphire 4 drawing tablet. As you saw in my last post, I did play with it a bit on a Cintiq 21UX – but most of it was done on the Graphire.

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