My first car rendering in over 17 years

This is it. This is the first car rendering that I’ve done in 17 years. Jeez – has it really been that long? The good news is that all the things I’ve learned about drawing cars early on in life has not been eradicated from my brain. Everything I’ve learned about perspective, reflections, color application – it’s still there! However, I have a long road ahead of me if I truly want to become great at drawing cars. This rendering, while encouraging, is actually pretty weak IMHO.

First of all, it’s a bit too cartoonish for my tastes, and I wasn’t able to get the proportions down exactly like I had planned. I’ve also discovered that I have a lot of difficulty with wheels – it’s really hard to make good looking wheel designs! I’ll definitely need to work on that a bit.

One interesting thing to note is that this sketch is very different from the renderings I was doing 17 years ago. Back then I was using real paper with real markers and pens. This sketch required none of that – I’ve launched into the digital age, and created it with my beloved iMac and six year old Wacom tablet. I sketched it using Sketchbook Pro, added color in Corel Painter, and put in all the details with Adobe Photoshop.

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