Sell your car sketches and renderings as royalty-free stock

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If you are a talented automotive artist or designer who wants some easy extra cash every month, do yourself a favor and sell some of your work as royalty free stock. All of the major online stock photo agencies are busting at the seams with pictures of nature, babies, and food and it’s really hard to break any ground in those areas. But I personally see a pretty big hole when it comes to quality car drawings and sketches available for sale on these sites, and I’m willing to bet that the first few automotive artists who take full advantage of this are going to strike it big.

I’ve had a look at some of the largest stock photo agencies to see what their car drawing and automotive design section looks like, and I’m amazed at how poor the quality is. See for yourself (then create an account and start selling your renderings and sketches)!

Their automotive art and design gallery is severely lacking. I counted just a handful of mediocre quality car drawings and sketches, and all of them had a decent number of sales. This site is a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

Their automotive selection is a little better than dreamstime, but it consists mostly of 3d models and poorly drawn vector illustrations. Shutterstock is a huge (huge) player in the stock photo world, and quality automotive design and art will be bought very quickly.

Stockfresh isn’t as large of an agency as dreamstime and shutterstock, but they are a new site on the rise who offers a very generous commission payouts. Since their entire library is smaller than the others, quality car sketches and drawings should stand out very well here.

If I were a younger man with a lot of time to devote to drawing cars for the primary purpose of selling them as royalty-free stock, I’d jump all over this. But I’ve got too many other projects (along with a great wife) that I’d rather spend my time with, so I feel good by offering up this information here to help others.

Go earn some money with your car drawing talent!

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