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Aston Martin concept rendering and sketch

Ok, yeah, I know – seems like it took forever to finish that sketch I mentioned in my last post. Real life has been hectic lately, and there just hasn’t been any time to draw cars. The good news is that things have been calming down over the last few days so I was able to get out the Wacom tablet and start drawing again. It’s kind of funny because I tend to freak out if I go too long without drawing – rendering cars takes a LOT of practice, and the only way to become really good is to do it every day. The mind (and hand) can actually forget things about drawing if you leave them idle for too long.

Anyway, I decided not to change the design from the original sketch. The shape of this car definitely grew on me, and the large rear hatch area actually became one of my favorite parts – I think it flows nicely into the rear fascia and tail light area. I do think, however, that I could have done a better job with the “fins” coming out of the lower part of the back end – I had intended to make them into some sort of aerodynamic stabilizers, but they look more like shark fins to me than anything else.

Oh – and I should also mention that I really like the way the color turned out. I had planned to make this a red car, but as I was doing the rendering, it naturally evolved into a bronze/orange color. I think that had something to do with my sloppy marketing technique in which I inadvertently made the shadow areas too muddy.