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Quick preview of a car sketch I’m working on

This one isn’t finished yet, but I’d thought I’d throw it up on the blog just to show what I’m currently working on – and I’d appreciate any comments! My goal before I started this sketch was to draw something along the lines of an Aston Martin or Corvette, keeping the roofline long and sleek while pushing the wheels out to the corners. I may still tweak the flow of the rear hatch area, making it a bit more concave than convex, which may help to make it a bit more shapely. I’m also giving serious thought to refining the open cut in the the front quarter panel – the way that I’ve integrated it doesn’t seem to flow nicely into the other surfaces of the car. Somehow I’d like to sculpt it a bit more so that it’s lines extend to the rear of the vehicle.

Whenever I draw cars, I usually end up changing and tweaking it so much along the way that it never ends up like I had originally envisioned it in my head – but so far, this illustration is holding up to what I had set out to do.

While I had a pretty good idea of the shape I wanted to draw, I am still undecided what color I want to use when I do the final rendering. My favorite color is red, and I haven’t drawn any red cars lately – so this stands a pretty good chance of being red at the moment! Speaking of color, I’ve been pouring over a lot of sketches and renderings that I’ve found on the internet trying to find some nice ways to do reflections and shadows. I sort of feel that’s a major weak point in my illustration style. Cars have complex surfaces, and it’s really difficult to capture all of it in a captivating way. I need to work on that…

Anyway, stay tuned – I’ll keep working on this and I’ll post up the final rendering here when it’s completed.