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Rendering and sketch of a modern open-wheel hot rod

I’m not really a hot rod kind of guy, but I was inspired last week to sketch up a modern open-wheel cruiser. I find that open wheel car sketches are actually pretty hard to do, because getting the perspective of the wheels correct takes a lot of time. They are such a crucial part of the design and stance of the car – so even if the perspective is off just a little but, it’ll make everything look a bit odd. As you can see, I kind of screwed up the rear wheel a little bit – I think it’s turned too far to the back side. Oh well.

For the rendering, I was actually planning to make it bright red. But as I started adding in the color, I found that the shape of this car looked better in a deep bronze. That’s just the way it goes sometimes…I never really know what the rendering is going to look like until it’s finished.

Anyway, I’m not totally happy with this sketch and rendering. I should have developed the design of the body a little more before I rendered it, as I feel that some of the proportions are off. For example, that open cutout in front of the rear wheel is much too large and it protrudes too deep into the body of the car. Ugh.

On to the next one…