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My drawing of a 2017 Ford GT

Having this website to hold me accountable for not drawing enough is a good thing. Even though I have been busy working on other projects and I haven’t been drawing as much as I’d like, just knowing that I’ve got a car design and illustration blog gives me the push to keep going. The passion for drawing cars is definitely there – but my time isn’t.

There I go making excuses again every time I show up here. “Shut up and talk about the cars already!” is what I envision most of you are thinking every time make a post, so I’ll take your advice and get right to it.

The 2017 Ford GT. This is a car that I’m trying really hard to like, but I just can’t. At least not yet. I may change my mind a bit once I see it for myself (or at least on YouTube), but for now all I see is a sleek looking car with a V6. That’s like something straight out of the 1990’s, and not modern times where it’s possible to buy V8 monsters like 600hp Mustangs and 750hp Dodge Challengers right off the showroom floor.

I get why Ford decided to go with a twin-turbo V6. That EcoBoost engine is a lightweight performer that could hang with any V8, no doubt, but…it just doesn’t make the sounds that a supercar should make. Especially one costing over $400,000.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the 2017 Ford GT, I decided to draw one anyway. It is a great looking car, no doubt about it. I especially dig the fact that it’s got a different personality from every angle, with all those cuts and scoops and wings coming together in unison to create a very stunning piece of automotive design.

This was a quick 1 hour sketch in black and white, very similar to the style I used on my Datsun 280z, IROC-Z, and Chevy Nova sketches posted a few months ago. It’s a style of illustration that I’m quite starting to like, as it’s fast and loose, yet tight enough to show all the important details.

Quick pencil drawing of a Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 just might be my favorite car – ever. I remember being completely awestruck when it was first unveiled, and I collected everything that I could that was F40 related: magazines, books, videos, posters, etc. I even built a few 1:24 plastic models over the years that turned out like crap, but I loved them nonetheless. Seeing one in person for the first time was quite an experience as well. It was on the streets in southeast lower Michigan (near Detroit) of all places, and it completely blew my mind. Fast forward to today, and I don’t think there is another car in existence today that I’d choose over an F40.

I also drew a lot of these things when I was younger. Looking back on my sketch archives, I’ve got a lot of Ferrari drawings in there – and most of them are of this car (all red, by the way). Thinking that it would be fun to try drawing it again after all these years, I grabbed a few reference photos and got to work.

Now, I wasn’t planning on doing a super-tight rendering oozing with details. The goal from the beginning was to create a semi-tight sketch with just enough detail to give it some identity as an F40. I do admit that I skimped on the reflections and shading though. The reference photo I was drawing from was actually poorly lit, and I didn’t feel like figuring out the reflections on my own, so I left it as a simple line drawing with simple gray fill color for the air intakes and windows.

I’m still trying to get used to drawing with the Wacom tablet, so forgive me for the lack of precision.