Tight sketch / rendering of a sporty economy car

This sketch ended up being a total disaster for me. I really like the way the side profile and rear end turned out, but the front end was a major cause of heartburn. No matter how much time I spent on it, I just couldn’t get it to look good! I don’t know, but those droopy air intakes remind me of Admiral Ackbar (you know, from Star Wars) and I just can’t shake that image from my mind. I dislike it so much that I have been planning on redrawing it for about a week now, but the truth is that I’d rather forget this one and move onto my next car drawing.

If anything, this illustration really brought back a lot of memories from my days in art school. I had a roommate who was pretty good at drawing cars himself (he’s a designer at Ford these days), but wow…sometimes he would get stuck in a huge creative rut and go through stacks of sketchbooks before he sketched something he was happy with. So yeah…creative blocks happen to everyone now and then, so that’s why I chose to abandon this one and move onto something else.

I had actually planned on making this a really tight rendering with lots of vivid colors, but  with that ugly front end, there was no possibility of coming up with something I could have been happy with.

As usual, this drawing was created entirely in SketchBook Pro with my ratty ‘ol Wacom Graphire 4 tablet.

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    Mike March 18, 2012

    Hi Scott!
    I’d like to congratulate on your awesome designs! Each of the images here looks absolutely fantastic! You could easily be drawing for world’s leading car companies, so I was thinking whther you have ever shown your works to any car design studios(BMW, AUDI, FORD, KIA, etc…)?

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